Castle Hill Pre-School
Kindergarten Inc.

Greenup Park, Castle Hill NSW. Phone: 02 9634 1533


Daily Routine

8.15am Veranda
9.00am Outside (large group activity)
10.15am Pack away / drinks
10.30am Transition Morning Group Time
10.45am Bathroom
10.50am Morning Tea
11.10am Inside (large group activity)
12.15pm Pack away
12.20pm Group Time
12.45pm Bathrooom
12.50pm Lunch
1.20pm Afternoon activities
2.15pm Pack away
2.20pm Story Time
2.30pm Music
2.55pm Bathroom / apply sunscreen
3.00pm Afternoon Tea (optional) - Outside
3.10pm Outside / Ball Games
3.30pm Pack away / veranda


NOTE:  During Terms 1 and 4, we start the day outside.  Term 2 and 3, we begin inside.

Our routine is flexible according to the weather conditions.