Castle Hill Pre-School
Kindergarten Inc.

Greenup Park, Castle Hill NSW. Phone: 02 9634 1533




The Educators, Staff and Parent Management Committee of Castle Hill Pre-School Inc. are committed to providing a high quality preschool service, which nurtures the wellbeing and learning potential of every child within our community.  Our motto; "learning with laughter" is central to our children becoming successful lifelong learners.

Furthermore, we recognise that children learn best when they have a positive self-identity, and therefore strive to create an environment where children feel safe, secure and supported as they learn through play.

Our Principles and Practices:

In regards to children we believe:

  • Children are capable, creative and resourceful learners who actively contribute to their own learning when engaged in meaningful play.
  • Children thrive in a safe and secure environment established on the basis of routine.
  • In the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the principles of Belonging, Being and Becoming.
  • In the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - every child has a right to an education.

Therefore we:

  • Implement a child-centred program based around the practices and principles of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, such as creating learning environments where children can learn through play.
  • Strive to empower children by using their thoughts and ideas to develop a program that is inclusive of all learning styles, and supports the growth of critical thinking and self-identity.
  • Provide consistency in the learning environment by maintaining familiar educators and implementing a daily routine including:  large play sessions, language and literacy groups, shared meal times, music and movement sessions.

In regards to families and community partnerships we believe:

  • Families are the first educators in children's lives, and hold valuable information regarding their children.
  • The Parent Management Committee should be diverse in knowledge, experience and culture, and act as advocates for the children and their preschool community.
  • The community offers a unique collection of beliefs, values, interest, knowledge and experiences.
  • In the importance of nurturing established relationships with community organisations, council and local schools.

Therefore we:

  • Are committed to open and constructive communication with families, which includes private and casual discussions, newsletters, child reports and portfolios, as well as daily programs and daybooks.
  • Encourage all families to participate in the Parent Management Committee and support a forum for decision-making through regular meetings.
  • Encourage families to engage in meaningful participation within the centre, through presentations of skills and knowledge, and volunteering time for the care and maintenance of the preschool environment.
  • Support transition to school programs by communicating with local schools.
  • Respectfully participate in cultural events and plan regular community events within the centre (family picnic days, discos, open days and reunion afternoon teas).

In regards to the program we believe:

  • Children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas including, cognitive, social emotional, motor skills, language and creative arts.
  • Children learn through collaboration and communication with other children, adults and interactions with the environment.
  • In providing learning environments that are exciting, fun and meaningful; incorporating different learning styles, cultures and the natural world.

Therefore we:

  • Implement a program that is responsive to the children's current learning and interests.
  • Make observations of children and document their knowledge and understanding of their world.
  • Use both the indoor and outdoor environment to ignite children's natural disposition to explore, manipulate, investigate, problem solve and imagine.
  • Provide open play spaces that are thoughtfully planned and equipped to encourage collaborative play and learning.
  • Introduce children to a range of social and cultural experiences, so they may develop strategies for resilience when faced with new challenges, and learn to value diversity.
  • Foster environmental awareness by facilitating thoughts about caring for our preschool environment and where possible, provide natural and reused resources.

In regards to our educators/staff we believe:

  • Our educators/staff display a sense of pride and professionalism in our centre and adhere to the Early Childhood Code of Ethics.
  • Our educators are positive role models for responsive and respectful care and education.
  • In the importance of creating a diverse team environment; valuing each individuals' skill, knowledge and input.
  • In creating an environment where personal and professional opinions are communicated openly and valued.

Therefore we:

  • Ensure educators/staff critically reflect on their practices in relation to children's learning, current literature, and their own professional development.
  • Hold regular Team and Staff Meetings, encouraging participation through group discussions, and reflective tasks.
  • Annually review and develop a Quality Improvement Plan for refining the quality of care and education provided by our preschool in accordance with the National Quality Standards.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable working environment, with release time provided for programming and other duties.
  • Offer opportunities for ongoing professional development to all team members.